The Redglaze Group, Inc. (RGI) was formed in response to a need we discovered while working with our sister company, HGI Consulting. HGI works closely with Toyota to help dealers navigate Toyota’s high quality standards during the construction process of their dealerships. Once the construction was completed, these dealerships needed ongoing preventative maintenance to ensure the quality, beauty and longevity of their investments. They also needed interior signs to help customers navigate their businesses while supporting the Toyota brand identity. That’s where RGI comes in.

RGI Image Team

Our team members have the in-depth industry experience and knowledge necessary to ensure top-quality, on-going preventative building maintenance. We know what problems to look for, and we know how to prevent small issues from becoming big problems.

At RGI, each of our team members has between 5 and 35 years of experience in construction products and installations. Our affiliate knowledge base covers all aspects of construction and design including:

  • General Construction
  • Equipment
  • OSHA, MSDS and safety guidelines
  • Glass and glazing
  • Curtainwall
  • Blast technology
  • ACM and non-metal panels
  • Hardware
  • Automatic doors
  • Operable panels
  • Translucent, energy-efficient, natural daylighting products

Plus, we have an international network of business partners who also offer additional support and problem solving resources. Regardless of your building’s structure and materials, we have the knowledge and experience to ensure its proper maintenance.

Building Your Brand

Customers’ first impressions of your business start when they see your building. That’s why it’s important that this impression continues to make an impact at every turn. It’s not just about building maintenance — it’s also about building your brand. We’ve now expanded our focus to help business owners with their on-going preventative building maintenance and interior sign needs. Whether you have one building or a nationwide network of businesses, RGI can ensure your buildings are maintained to protect your investment for years to come. Plus, we can craft interior signs that extends the impact of your image by building an environment of trust.